Exceptional media return

Exceptional media return

15 July 2021 – There is no doubt that the Longines FEI Endurance World Championship 2021 in Pisa has fully won the right to be included among the events that marked the restart of the sport worldwide.
Perhaps also for this reason, the media return achieved by the event has reached very high numbers, which fill the Organizing Committee with pride as proof of the good work done, not only in this last year but as a progressive growth that starts since 2015, the year in which the Endurance Lifestyle format arrived in Pisa.

The data, of great interest, especially for what concerns the media, mean the relevance of an event which, originating from the endurance and charm of the enterprise experienced by men and horses, can always be an authentic container of opportunities on the promotion of the territory.

Let’s take a look at these truly remarkable data …

Social Media Facebook e Instagram (Sept. 2020 – May 2021)
472 Posts
18.000.000 Reach
23.000.000 Impressions
727.000 Engagement
1.000.000 Video views
6.068 Fan Growth

Official website (Oct. 2021 – May. 2021)
7.541.972 Single visits

FEI.TV (20-23 May 2021)
23.000 Live views
3.500 Web views
2.700 App views

Endurance On Line (22 Maggio 2021)
16.354 Users
45.226 Sessions
432.088 pages views

Print/Web and Radio/ TV
2.736 articles and services

However, these data will continue to serve as motivators. The Organizing Committee made up of sistemaeventi.it and Italia Endurance does not stop and is already ready to plan new exciting challenges!